Innovation: The Start of Something New


The etymology of innovation can be traced to the Latin word innovare, meaning “to renew; to restore,” and also “to change.” Innovation is the thread that lines the fabric of all major advancements, technological or otherwise. Its power can be seen in the transformations that have occurred throughout generations of advancement. From the development of the wheel to the first automotive machine to the modern-day high-tech, self-driving cars that have the potential to radically change the fundamental structure of society, just as the wheel did at its incipience, innovation is, quite literally, the driving force of the future.


What, however, is its purpose? Why innovate? The answer becomes clear the closer one reaches toward the past. For all its glory, the generations of yesteryear are vastly disadvantaged in comparison to the present day, to say nothing of coming generations. The innovative techniques that have driven medicine to the frontier of science, and the banishment of space as the last frontier through marvels developed by SpaceX, are clear examples that underscore the importance of innovation.


While explaining it is simple, the act requires tremendous effort and ingenious solutions to targeted problems. And, more often than not, the problems that lead to innovative solutions can be grounded in two factors: a lack of something or a detectable flaw. It is innovation that inspires the solution. Utilizing its original meaning, we “renew or restore” the flaw, or we can bring about “change” to eliminate the lacking quality.


The design and function of our products were aimed at these two particular factors.


Pool noodles are a ubiquitous item and hardly a pool party can be called as such without them. They were everywhere. But they were rather simple and somewhat lacking. Such a wonderful item could certainly be repurposed. And, thus, came Canoodle Toy. Canoodle Toy is a product line of construction sets and pieces that make use of pool noodles in an innovative way - they becomes pieces of greater structures rather than standalone floaters. Canoodle Toy itself is not only innovative, but also inspires innovation. It places the power to create and to construct in the palm of the user. By building real and present structures, combining multiple parts and pieces into a whole, people of all ages can engage in imaginative construction that itself could then, also, inspire even more progress.


Can we imagine life without cups? Not likely. And, not surprisingly, containers for liquid were certainly innovative when first drawn-up during ancient times. But they were flawed. They would tumble, break and spill at the slightest touch. It took innovative engineering foresight to draft something more than just a cup; something new. And, now, NuTumbler takes center stage. A revolutionary way to cup, NuTumbler solves the tumbling flaw through an ingenious mechanism that safely suctions cups on any surface, introducing a stability that was never-before thought possible. 


Innovation is so ingrained in our minds and being that it is now a pedestal to which we all aspire to stand upon, as we should. Innovation leads to progress, and progress can be the road on which the dreams of a flourishing society could be reached.

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