Make time for Outdoor Play


Let them Go Outside and Play!


importance of outdoor play, children


When did we get too scared to shoo our kids out of the door to the yard, park, patio ?
Outdoor time is the new thing!

From now on, at least 2 hours a day during spring and summer our kids should spend more time outdoors, without any electronic item that distract them from seeing the beauty of nature, the fun of dig in the dirt, the magic of climb a tree, make mud... pies, roll down a hill, build a cubby, make a daisy chain, create a garden for fairies and bug hunting.

Outdoor time is the best form of bonding with nature. We are lucky to live in such rich environment place! Children are born naturalist, they explore the world with all their senses and innocence.

Give them a safe place outdoor where they can run, climb trees, and just play.


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