Canoodle™ toy

Toys that teach, all year long for children of all ages.

Canoodle Toy is a fun and innovative product that enables people of all ages to build amazing pool noodle structures; such as forts, rafts, boats, helicopters, palm trees, soccer goals, rings, hula hoops and much more. Thes...

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gBorsa is a multi-use handle device

The gBorsa™ is a made in the USA product. Ergonomic device that makes carrying/holding “weight” a lot easier, you will find that walking your dog or carrying your preferred bags now is simpler, healthier ...

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Secure & automatic suction release technology.

A NON-CONDENSATION drinking tumbler. The SUCTION MECHANISM is incorporated into the base of the tumbler.  REPLACES the need for CUP HOLDERS on boats, surfboards, motorcycles etc. ...

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Comming Soon !!!...

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