gBorsa is a multi-use handle device

The gBorsa™ is a made in the USA product.

Ergonomic device that makes carrying/holding “weight” a lot easier, you will find that walking your dog or carrying your preferred bags now is simpler, healthier and easier protecting your hand and wrist all the time.


gborsa by serranoventions perfect balance

Manufactured from high quality, lightweight material, the gBorsa proportionately distributes the weight  by cushioning the force on your hand. The gBorsa protects the nerves and arteries of the human hand. 

Weight capacity up to 155 LBS tested.

The gBorsa maintains a unique patent design that prompts the use of the strongest part of one's fingers (the primate force grip) thus centering and balancing the force of an object's weight. The gBorsa makes carrying objects and dogs simple and painless!



By evenly distributing force of an object's weight, the gBorsa protects the nerves and arteries of the human hand. Whether you are gripping a dog leash, carrying a purse or grocery bag, the gBorsa offers the user a comfortable grip that may prevent any difficulties with blood circulation or nerve damage.

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