We invent products that nurture the human spirit



 Non-Condensation drinking tumbler, with an impressive suction mechanism incorporated into the base of the tumbler. Replaces the need of cup-holders on any smooth surface. Perfect for fishing, boating, paddle-boarding, motorcycles, ski-diving helmets, race cars, airplanes.  It calls for adventure.  This cup is built for more. 



 Ergonomically handle device design to make carrying/holding "weight" easier by proportionately distribute it. Cushioning the force on your hand, hence protecting hand and wrist. No longer would you feel tired walking the city while shopping or taking longer walks with your dog. Living a better experience for you and your hands. Manufactured from lightweight material. 



 This fun and innovative product enables kids ages +5 and young adults to build incredible structures with pool noodles, such as forts, boats, trees, helicopters, soccer goals, hula hoops, pirate swords, castles, and much more. Playing indoors or outdoors all four seasons.